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About the Artist

 "Nature is always creating for us flowers of infinite beauty."
                                                          -Lucille Norella

The beauty of a flower garden has long inspired artists
to capture the ephemeral joy that only nature can create.

Through experimentation with various botanicals,
Lucille has captured those aesthetic qualities to achieve:
a genre of artistry where creative expression
and artistic uniqueness meet.
Her love of flowers is her profound source of inspiration.

Lucille's original fine artwork is created
from flowers hand-picked from her own garden.
Flowers are specially preserved in order to retain
their rich color and striking detail.
They are then thoughtfully arranged and framed
to eternalize the beauty of living flowers.

Art by Lucille Norella is exhibited at various art galleries,
juried art shows, corporate exhibits and private collections,
both in the United States and Europe.

Lucille’s artwork has been featured in numerous publications, including:

-April 2012 Cover Artist, Connections Magazine

-2007 Cover Artist, The Wildflower Music Festival Program

-April 2005 Cover Artist, Connections Magazine

-Summer 2004 Cover Artist, Galleries, Gourmets and Theaters

-April 2003 Cover Artist, Connections Magazine

She is also the Artscene Coordinator of  Connections Magazine.


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