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Each piece of artwork is unique and
can be purchased in any size on canvas or paper.

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The focal point of 'Eloquent' is the Queen Anne's Lace.  This flower reminds me of a large snowflake, perfectly symmetrical and amazingly intricate.  Each Queen Anne's lace is made up of numerous clusters of individual flowers.  I used a variety of flowers in this piece, a red petunia, an orange marigold, and blue salvas to name a few.  With ruby leaves as a backdrop, each flower brings its own charisma to this composition.  The Queen Anne's Lace adds a quiet sophistication.

'Sleeping Beauties'

'Sleeping Beauties' was created specifically for one of my gallery openings.  A sampling of many different types of clustered vine flowers, this piece speaks of family and the peace and contentment associated with slumber. Each cluster compliments the next in this coherent arrangement, both in color and in texture.

'Fern I'

Often, less is more. That is somewhat the case with 'Fern I' and 'Fern II', however, a single fern leaf cannot truly be classified as simple. Ferns are intricate and complex and able to stand on their own. They are inherently interesting with each having it's own independent identity and characteristics.

'Fern II'


Carnations come in a wide array of colors and shades and their combinations are endless. They are regal, they are sincere---and their longevity is refreshing. Grenadine is composed of wine and coral colored carnations amongst an array of seafoam green leaves. It's contrast is especially soothing to the eye and it's arrangement uniquely balanced.

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