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Each piece of artwork is unique and
can be purchased in any size on canvas or paper.

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'Magniloquent' was created using a gerber daisy, orange and yellow cosmos, apple blossoms, labelia and various other flowers specifically for a winter gallery opening.  The intention of the exhibit was to bring the feel of spring with its freshness and warmth in to the winter season.  Soft, muted colors and a collection of textures makes this piece stand out amongst the rest. 


Mums are showy, decorative and symbolic and come in a variety of forms and colors.  This rather rich ensemble, called simply 'Mums', incorporates mint sprigs amidst a trio of yellow mums and burgandy leaf and bud accents.  It is one of my more stately pieces created solely for those who love chrysanthemums. 

'Black-Eyed Susan I'

The beauty of a single flower often goes unnoticed, that is why I felt the need to accentuate the individuality of these two flowers in 'Black-Eyed Susan I' and 'Black-Eyed Susan II' to create a dramatic pair.  The Black-Eyed Susan is one of the more difficult flowers to press, but one of the more interesting to view with it's natural inner sunkist and perforated outer leaf, surrounding it's dark center core. 

'Black-Eyed Susan II'


Belamoura is a gorgeous compliment of colors...deep purple, fuschia, orange, yellow. Among other flowers, the vibrant center floral cluster is complimented by a pansy, cosmo, marigold, daffodil, queen anne's lace and clematis leaves. All of the flowers come together so beautifully to create this one of a kind piece.

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