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Each piece of artwork is unique and
can be purchased in any size on canvas or paper.

To purchase artwork please email the artist from this website.

'Queen Anne's Lace'

'Queen Anne's Lace' was a special commissioned piece.  The request was to incorporate a fern, a daffodil and some pinks and lavenders.  Always a beautiful focal point, the Queen Anne's lace is intricate and symetrical.  The use of a daisy, a viola and some johnny jump-ups, enhance the focal point and complete the composition. 

'Spring Potpourri'

'Spring Potpourri' captures the genuine essence of a summer flower garden with perfectly balanced colors and textures.  The Black-Eyed Susan has a presence all it's own, and is complimented by a generous layering of wildflowers:bachelor buttons, marigolds, sweet peas, lunaria annuas, petunias and violas.


'Tulips' is a very unique piece. It was created using silvery, purple dwarf tulips. Dwarf tulips are small early blooming tulips. The centerpiece flowers could easily stand on their own here, but they are complimented by sprigs of white flora and greenery.


'Festa' was created for the 2009 Philadelphia Flower Show, themed "Bella Italia".  The category in which it was entered was called "Festa", thus the name of the piece.  Plant material resembling fireworks and hands flowing in celebration are used in this piece, along with rich wine and gold colored flowers.


This piece, simply entitled "Daisies", portrays the purity, innocence, beauty, patience and simplicity associated with daisies. The use of a dark background is purposeful to accentuate these most modest characteristics.


Orchids have long been considered exotic and mysterious.  Some of the most poplar Orchids are phalaenopsis, oncidium, paphiopedlum and jewel orchids. Jewel orchids are grown for their colorful leaves. The others are grown for their beautiful, fragrant flowers. There are more than 100,000 orchid varieties.  This arrangement of Phalaenopsis Orchids, of bi-colored white, pink and purple flowers, is enhanced by a lovely greenery accent.

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