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can be purchased in any size on canvas or paper.

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The rose is the most widely given and popular flower.  It is also one of the most beautiful.  It is the queen of flowers, a symbol of peace, love, respect and courage.  The roses I chose for 'Roseate' are from a family wedding.  The deep saturated colors of the crimson roses inspired this strikingly symmetrical design.  Arranged with ice-white blooms of baby's breath and rose-colored coral bells for contrast, 'Roseate' is one of my most popular pieces.

'Spring Grandeur'

Specifically designed for the cover of Connections Magazine, April 2003, an Arts and Entertainment Magazine distributed throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, 'Spring Grandeur' is a masterpiece of color.  A variety of wildflowers from my flower garden are used in this piece.  I carefully selected each flower, utilizing the most unique and difficult to preserve, and bring them all together with the most intricate of leaves.


A first place award winning piece, 'Sunflower', is a perfectly balanced composition.  Each flower and leaf was carefully chosen to play a unique part in this symphony.  The warm red hues accented by the cool whites and blues add to the overall richness of the piece.  Of significance in this piece is the variegated red and green leaf.  It's internal contrast and inherent gradient qualities are quite remarkable.  This type of beauty and perfection could only be found in nature.


The daffodil, also known as the Narcissus, is a unique flower with it's trumpet-shaped corona, surrounded by a ring of six floral leaves.  This bouquet, simply entitled 'Daffodils', is a true work of art, not only due to the balanced arrangement, but because daffodils are very difficult flowers with which to work. In this piece, I use hints of baby's breath to compliment and enhance the gradient yellows of the flowers and gray-greens of the stems. It is one of my favorite pieces.

'Floral Festival'

This piece was named by a friend, Betsy.  With its vibrant primary colors and its bright yellow focal point, it certainly earns its name, Floral Festival.  The varigated burgandy and green leaves and the multicolored floral buds create a wonderful basis and backdrop for this arrangement.  It is the predecessor to the award-winning piece, "Sunflower".

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